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Why The Bulldog Bar?

“Unfortunately, published statistics indicate that over 38% of violent crimes occur at home and over 51% result in physical injury. A burglary occurs every 15 seconds and they won’t bother knocking on your front door. They will just kick it in. During a kick-in attack, it’s rarely the door itself that breaks. Instead, it’s the doorjamb, which absorbs the force of the kick.”

We see more and more news stories like these — they report that home invasions are on the rise and result in the loss of something much more valuable than things. Home invasions can result in the loss of our friends and family.

Whether your home is a single-family dwelling, condominium, apartment, duplex, planned community or a dormitory room, you deserve to feel safe. theBulldog Bar products offer an effective and affordable door security system. theBulldog Bar products have been engineered to thwart “kicking” burglaries and to secure your doors. Patent-pending, our door security bars are so secure that use of the actual key will still not allow entry to be compromised.

theBulldog Bar is so simple to install that you can do-it-yourself. No templates or locksmiths are necessary for installation and theBulldog Bar designs are stylish and will compliment your home’s decor.


Don’t Record A Burglar Breaking Into Your Home.
Keep Them Out.

Already have a home security system? If so, it’s likely consists of cameras and a monitoring service. We have those too and they’re great for alerting the police and showing them a video of the burglary in process. It might even make good evidence in court IF the intruders are caught. The problem, however, is that those systems focus on surveillance and detection; our priority is prevention. theBulldog Bar is a door security device that will enhance your overall home security system by placing an emphasis on actually securing your door.


State Of The Art Security.
Chic Style And Simple Installation.

Like we said, we make Amazing, High-Quality home security devices.


Check out theBulldog Bar’s Powerful Features.


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